Tirana sequencing the E350

Posted on March 17, 2014

First you hear XAOC Tirana sequencing the E350 morphing terrarium whilst maths is scanning the wavetables in its ole peculiar way, I occasionally change the scale with ?Scale v2.

Second sound is make noise STO sequenced by Intellijel Metropolis, Metropolis has 2 x auxiliaries to which you can assign a parameter so Aux 1 is adjusting step lengths and Aux 2 is moving about semi-tones, these auxiliaries are being voltage controlled by a Dixie Oscillator in LFO mode and I’m just turning the wet/dry knobs to get different results.

I tried to get some of the DIY modules I’ve built in there so at some point you’ll hear the L-1 Microcompressor working on the Drums when i flick the by-pass switch, I also twiddle with the Wet/Dry on the Music thing spring reverb so you can get an idea what it sounds like.

By cane creek on Youtube.

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