Batumi II

Batumi II

Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator
Model of 1974

  • Batumi II
  • Batumi II
  • Batumi II
  • Batumi II
  • Batumi II


Batumi [ˌbaˈtumi] II is not merely a common LFO, times four. Instead, it offers four channels of wide-range voltage and tempo-controlled oscillators that may operate independently or in several synchronous modes, scoring 12 simultaneously available waveforms that may be phase offset or frequency dependent with variable ratios. It is a powerful, versatile, multifaceted modulation hub that may act as the central driving force for any modular patch. Even though it is a digital module, the output waveforms are anti-aliased and then smoothed with adaptive analog filters; hence no digital artifacts should be noticeable. Batumi II is a second, vastly upgraded revision of the original Batumi, preserving its form factor and layout. It has been internally redesigned from scratch using modern components and it now offers extended range (up to audio rates) with V/oct tracking, a new frequency multiplication mode, and more waveforms (including two types of random).

For detailed description, please refer to the manual.

  • Four wide range, VC LFOs
  • 1V/oct tracking
  • Free, phase, divide, and mult modes
  • Twelve simultaneous waveform outputs
  • Assignable waves, incl. two randoms
  • Easy assignable wave selection
  • Per-channel reset and sync
  • USB connector for easy firmware updates
Technical details
  • Eurorack standard compliant
  • 10 hp wide45 mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • Current draw: +90mA/-50mA

While Batumi II is a complete device incorporating the controls previously handled by the original Poti expander, we decided to offer a new optional expander to include a new set of features that didn’t fit in the already tight 10hp. Poti II adds the ability to attenuate voltages and signals, select the asgn waveform on each channel and modulate the waveform shapes with CV.

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