Feedback Loop Commander
Model of 1970

  • Deva
  • Deva
  • Deva


Deva [ˈdɛva] is an expander for the Xaoc Devices Timiszoara digital multi-effect module. It adds an external stereo analog loop to Timiszoara, allowing you to combine the power of digital effects with analog processing. The left and right channels each have a pair of send and return jacks, a polarity switch, an analog VCA, and a voltage-controlled tilt-type filter. Deva also features a CV input and indicator for the internal clock that drives Timiszoara’s DSP engine; this allows for speeding up or slowing down the rate of computing which affects the scale of time and frequency, allowing for effects such as long lo-fi delays and crunchy reverbs. For detailed description, please refer to the manual.

  • Two external feedback loops (left and right) with positive and negative feedback
  • Tilt filters for treble/bass tone control
  • DSP clock control (over and underclocking Timiszoara’s CPU)
  • CV control over everything
Technical details
  • Eurorack synthesizer format compatible
  • 8hp wide, 43 mm deep (including the ribbon cable and bracket)
  • Current drawn from Timiszoara:+90mA/-55mA

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