Stereo VC Frequency Shiftor
Model of 1964

  • Koszalin
  • Koszalin
  • Koszalin
  • Koszalin


Koszalin is a stereo frequency shifter (2 ins/4 outs) offering both quasi-exponential and linear frequency modulation as well as full stereo feedback under voltage control. Frequency shifting results in a linear translation of the signal spectrum, which produces a variety of atonal sounds. It should not be confused with frequency scaling, also known as pitch shifting. Complex phase cancellation patterns occurring with frequency shifting and deep feedback produce spectacular barber-pole effects.

Koszalin offers direct controls over feedback amount, feedback routing, and feedback response. It also facilitates frequency modulation of any stereo audio signal, thanks to the linear TZFM input. Koszalin is a digital module with a DSP behind an analog interface.

For detailed description, please refer to the manual.

  • Full stereo frequency shifting with 2 inputs and 4 outputs
  • 3 ranges of shift: 50Hz, 500Hz, and 5kHz
  • Independent exponential and linear thru-zero control inputs
  • Internal feedback under voltage control
Technical details
  • 10hp, skiff friendly
  • Current draw: +140mA/-30mA
  • Reverse power protection

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