Sequence Commander
Model of 1966


  • Ostankino
  • Ostankino
  • Ostankino
  • Ostankino


The Ostakino expander module is designed to work with a dual Moskwa setup. Both Moskwa units chained up to Ostankino can operate independently or linked, allowing 16-step long sequences. During performance, you can mute the desired half of the sequence manually or via CV. The expander provides Step CV inputs, so you can force the combo to start from any step in the sequence. Furthermore, there are individual clock outputs and obviously, independent trigger/gate outputs for every step for each sequencer. Combine them with some logic module like Bytom to obtain complex rhythmic patterns easily.

  • voltage and manual control over 2 Moskwa sequencer units
  • synced dual 8-step patterns or merged 16-step sequences
  • individual clock outputs for each sequencer unit
  • individual gate/trigger outputs for every step on each sequencer unit
  • voltage controlled step dialing
  • summed CV and gate outputs
  • eurorack standard synthesizer module, fully Doepfer compatible
  • 10 hp wide
  • requires 2 Moskwa modules
  • no direct power connection needed
  • skiff friendly (40 mm)



The new, vastly improved version is available. It’s only compatible with Moskwa II, and does require only one unit to work.